Why ATX Tiny Casas

With ATX Tiny Casas, luxury comes standard. Standard features include: Silestone or granite counters, stainless appliances, a compact dishwasher, a compact washer and spin dryer, luxury vinyl plank flooring, a 12,000 BTU mini split HVAC system with remote, spray foam insulation in all exterior walls, ceiling, and under the floor.  and much more. Please see our standard features page for an extensive list. 

ATX Tiny Casas uses an ultra lightweight trailer specifically designed and manufactured for towing tiny houses. This trailer solves the issue of thermal bridging, by allowing the builder to insulate under the subfloor so that home owners to easily regulate interior temperatures. The trailer also allows the house frame to be anchored down properly, using the correct Simpson HTT4 fastening plates. These plates ensure that the house is unitized with the trailer. In addition, the trailer allows for a lower deck height, which provides 1-2 more feet of interior height space. 

Experience matters! ATX Tiny Casas is an experienced tiny home builder specializing in lightweight designs that last! We stand behind our homes with a six month "bumper to bumper" warranty and our steel frames feature a 25 year warranty! We are excited to always try new and innovated ideas from clients! 

ATX Tiny Casas is a premier partner of Volstrukt Agile Framing Systems, which offers superior framing solutions for houses on the move. These frames are ultra lightweight, built from cold rolled steel, and specifically designed for tiny homes. This cutting edge framing system is 3,000-4,000 lbs lighter than a wood framed tiny home!  

STRONG: Steel is 25 times stronger than wood and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material.
LIGHT: Steel framing can be up to 60% lighter than an engineered wood frame.
SAFE: Steel does not support mold growth, rot, or termites, has no chemicals, and does not emit gases or VOC's.  
PRECISE: Steel framing is engineered; straight, stable, and precise. Traditional wood framing absorbs water, warps, and twists. 
GREEN: Steel frame production generates 2% scrap, which is 100% recyclable